Welcome Assis. Prof. Shabeena Kuttay from Cluster University Srinagar,  India to be Committee Member! 

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Assis. Prof. Shabeena Kuttay, Cluster University Srinagar, India

Research Area:

Postcolonial Literature, Subaltern Studies, Literature of Dissent and Resistance, Intellectual Activism, Neocolonial and Neoimperial Literature, Eco-criticsim, New and Third World Literatures, Dalit literature, 

Research Experience:

Workshops, Seminars, Symposia and Conferences attended

1. Participated in the Five Day Capacity Building Programme organised by State Institute of Education from 7th to 14th March 2009.

2. Attended  the Ten Day English Language Workshop at State Institute of Education Kashmir from 7th to 16th July 2009.

3. Participated in the One Day Regional Conference on “Higher Education and Social Change (the J&K Context): Issues, Interventions and Intent” Organised by IQAC, GCW MA Road on 25th March 2010.

4. Participated in the Two Day Workshop on “Script Writing and Content Generation” organised by EDUSAT Hub, GCW MA Road and Development and Educational Communication Unit (DECU) ISRO Ahmadabad from 23rd to 24th March 2011.

5. Participated in the Two Day National Conference on “Politics of Pedagogy: Theory and Practice of Teaching English in India” at GCW MA Road from 9th to 10th April 2012 and presented a Paper on ‘Curriculum for Teaching English language and Literature in India”.

Research Publications

· “Power and Resistance: An Intellectual Response to Contemporary Social Movements in India”. The Literary Voyage. Vol. II, Issue 1. Jan-April 2015. Pp.243-251. ISSN No. 2348-5272.


· “Emergent Empire and its Modus Operandi: Intellectual Response in Arundhati Roy’s Socio-Political Essays”. Langlit. Vol. II, Issue 3. February 2016. Pp. 593-604. ISSN No. 2349-5189.


· “Existence and Identity: Intellectual Discourse of Roy on Tribal Resistance”. Lapis Lazuli- An International Literary Journal. Vol. 7. No 1. Spring 2017. ISSN 2249-4529.


· “On Defining an Intellectual: The Postcolonial Chapter”. AGU International Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities. Vol. 6. Jan-Jun 2018.


· “Eco-criticism of Roy: A Postcolonial Tool of Resistance to Glocal Forces of Power”. Langlit: An International Peer-reviewed Journal of English, Vol. 6. 1, August 2019. ISSN  2349-5189.