Welcome Dr. Lei Pang ​from Department of Finance, Yunnan Normal University to be Committee Member!

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Dr. Lei Pang, from Department of Finance, Yunnan Normal University, China

Research Area: 

World Economy and Technology Innovation

Research Experience:

9.2006 – 7.2009 I majored in International Economics and Trade and got a bachelor degree of Economics of Liaoning University of Technology in July of 2009, one year earlier than all the other classmates.
9.2009 – 7.2012 I major in Labor Economics of Business Management School, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, and I will get my master degree in June, 2012.
9.2013 – 7.2016 I major in International Trade in Nankai Institute of International Nankai University
8.2016 – now I do the Research of World Economy and Technology Innovation, and I took charge three Innovation Programs of Yunnan Province.
4.2017 – now I take Post Doctorate research in Yunnan University