Welcome Prof. Xue Yunzhen ​from Institute of Medical Humanities, Shanxi Medical University to be Committee Member!

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Prof. Xue Yunzhen, Institute of Medical Humanities, Shanxi Medical University, China

Research Area:

clinical psychology, counseling psychology, sexual health education, good death education, hospice care, religious and cultural psychology, etc

Research Experience:

During the teaching, scientific research and practice of psychological counseling and treatment in universities and hospitals, I have undertaken several educational and scientific research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial levels, such as Research on the Prevention and Intervention of Extreme Psychological Crisis of College Students. International conference report: Application of Vibration Image Technology in Emotional State Measurement in China, etc. Published more than 100 papers, such as A Preliminary Investigation and Research on Sexual Health Education Through Internet and The Influence of Psychological First-aid Training on the Cognitive Evaluation of Medical Students’ Emergencies; Published works: Health Humanities—Psychological Care, Psychological Assistance Courses and other 11 works, with more than 1 million words in total.