Welcome Prof. Zhengwei Gong ​from Shanghai University Of Sport to be Committee Member!

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Prof. Zhengwei Gong, Shanghai University Of Sport, China

Research Area:

Sport Ethics

Research Experience:

1986.9—1990.6 Studying in the Department of Physical Education of Hunan Normal University, Bachelor of Education Degree, Sent to graduate students.
1990.9—1993.6 Studying at the Curriculum and Teaching Research Center of Hunan Normal University, with a master's degree in education.
2003.9—2006.6 School of Public Management, Institute of Ethics, Hunan Normal University, Ph.D.
2009.2-2009.7 Beijing Language and Culture University Study Abroad English Training.
2009.9-2010.9 Visiting Scholar, School of Education and Ecology, Ohio State University (OSU).
2014.6—2016.9 Visiting Scholar, Fudan University Think Tank Research Center, School of Philosophy.
1993.6—1999.9 Department of Physical Education, Changsha University of Electric Power, lecturer, room director, member of the school's science letter, (promoted in 1998) associate professor
1999.9—2011.8 Department of Humanities and Sociology, Hunan Normal University, Department of Humanities and Sociology
2011.9 to present Shanghai talents introduction, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, professor, doctoral supervisor; (2012) third-level professor