Call For Papers/征稿主题

Call For Papers/征稿主题

1). Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Counseling Psychology

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Mental Health

Behavioral Psychology

Social Psychology

Humanistic Psychology

Factors Affecting Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorder

Child and Adolescent Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Positive Psychology

Occupational Psychology

Clinical Neuropsychology

Psychiatric Nursing

Emotion Regulation Therapy

Creative Thinking

e-Therapy and e-Counselling

Computational Approaches in Psychology

Compulsive and Addictive Behavior

Advanced Therapeutic Approaches

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Clinical Analysis, Assessment and Diagnosis

2). Education Science

Information Education

Higher Education

Educational Administration

Mixed education

Computer-Aided Assessment 

Context Dependent Learning 

Cooperation with Industry in Teaching

Course Design and E-Learning Curriculae

Digital Libraries for E-Learning

Distance and E-Learning in a Global Context

E-Learning Hardware and Software

E-Learning Platforms, Portals

E-Learning Success Cases

E-Testing and new Test Theories

Educating the Educators

Curriculum Design

Cross-disciplinary areas of Education

Immersive Learning 

Life-long Learning Education

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Interdisciplinary Programs for Distance Education 

International Partnerships in Teaching 

Learning Organization 

Educational Technology

Metrics and Performance Measurement

Mobile Learning (M-learning) 

Ontologies and Meta-Data Standards 

Teacher Evaluation

Art Education

3). Sports

Physical education

Sports mental health

4). Other related topics